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The wild site of Dziki Bill: the marriage of a Polish hot sauce with the creative sector

Polish hot sauces, hot sauces made in Poland, hot sauces from Poland. If you search any of these phrases (in Polish) in, you will always get the same result first: Who is Dziki* Bill (*”Dziki” is Polish for “Wild”)? The phrases speak for themselves. It is a Polish company producing sauces based on tomatoes and hot jalapeno and habanero peppers.

Paweł Tunicki, co-founder of the Creosite company, talks about the creation of the website: Optimizing pages for a high position in search engines, especially Google, is one of our specialties. The phrases selected for Dziki Bill turned out to be a hit. It turned out that „Polish hot sauces” is a virgin territory in the Polish Internet. Of course, this was done together with a comprehensive design and setup of a website including its launch and service. Our philosophy is to give maximum value. This is why, apart from the layout, that is, the look of the page and the related subpages, we also supply its content (pictures, videos, text) and optimize its upload to the server. Moreover, we assist the customer in the purchase and maintenance of a domain. This gives us the certainty that – both now and in a year or two – our page will be equally easy to find to potential clients and light in terms of user experience, both in technical terms (mobile and stationary devices) and in view of esthetics. We also ensure that our pages are scalable – that is, able to grow together with the company or product. This is exactly what Creosite has done for Dziki Bill.

Creosite task was the preparation of visual identification (apart from the logo) of Dziki Bill. We designed the website and prepared pictures and videos to be used on the page and in social media. Due to the name and the basic association of the hot sauce as an addition to grilled dishes, we decided to go in the direction of the Wild West. First, we made the product video: rented costumes, searched for an adequate scenery, filmed, edited. There was an additional challenge – the client had a ready sound background for the video and wanted it to be used. We made it. The video almost instantly started to „work” on Dziki Bill’s social media profiles and caused an increase in interest in the product and the emergence of a sizeable group of new fans. This proved the effectiveness of our work. The next stage was a product photo session for the website and designing the website. It was meant to be light and not overloaded with content, but simultaneously lively and eye-catching.

You can see our style in the Dziki Bill website –, adds Paweł Tunicki. We listen to the voice of the client.

Together with them, we search for the best look, adjusted to the character of the company or product. It’s not the old, static „text plus picture” html layout. Moving elements, videos, sounds, colors and the high quality of the graphic design are intended to cause the website to pull the viewer in to discover more and more. We are aware of the fact that making a website is a process. This is why we work with just one client at a time – in order to be able to truly focus on one project only. We write texts, select key phrases and optimize the content for a high position in search engines. We explain the technical aspects of the websites to the clients in a way that is simple and clear. In all that, we also pay attention to the competitive environment. We know that a website is the showpiece of a company and its products, so it has to stand out among the competition. We need to finish our work with the feeling that our client has received a 100% of what he expected and for what he paid.

The above is confirmed by Ryszard Sierotnik, the creator of the Dziki Bill sauces and partner in the company:


Three years ago, we had a product, some enthusiasm and nothing else. When it comes to marketing, we were up a river without a paddle. We weren’t able to set up an online store because we had no pictures, we had no website because we had no pictures, etc. We started a cooperation with one webmaster company, but the effect… was far from what we had expected. We got an ordinary website that was no different from all the rest, it lacked a certain „something”, it was bland. We showed this website to Paweł from Creosite and he immediately asked: “Can I suggest something else?” Based on a sample of just a few pictures he designed the template and the visualization of the site that we currently have. We were delighted!


That captivated us was their comprehensive approach – using the services of only one contractor, we received the whole seta websitea video and pictures. Creosite’s project provided us with a uniform visual identification. What is important, we already had the logo and the bottle, and the Creosite team didn’t turn their nose up – they designed the page layout so as to highlight it. It matters to entrepreneurs to know that the other party understands the issue of costs. The people from Creosite don’t generate unnecessary costs. They assume that if you already have something, it means that you probably wanted it that way and it will be used in the best possible way. It was this way with the video. Creosite’s task was difficult, because they received a sound background that wasn’t consulted with them. The reader speaks in a mix of Polish and English, with an American accent. Creosite created a video that was perfectly integrated both with Dziki Bill’s character and our audio recording. They hit the nail on the head. Thanks to using a more engaging format, our reach in social media has expanded to an extent that we haven’t experienced before. What followed was a wave of likes, shares – and sales.

Another great thing: – Creosite was able to listen to us, understand our style and adjust the style of the website to our logotype and label. Yes, this was the most important thing: they listened to us. They asked which websites we like and how we would like our website to look.

We also received a lot of very good, natural photos. This allowed us to build a presence on Facebook, gain additional fans and reach very many new people with a clear message.

SEO and website positioning in search engines were an entirely unknown world to us. Thanks to Creosite’s ideas and work, the assumed phrase „Polish hot sauces” has been on the first page of Google search results for two years. Needless to say, it translates into brand recognition and sales results.

To sum up, we feel that we we-ve been treated with honesty and we will certainly continue this cooperation for a long time.


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